It's been a full week of adventure questing through the Pacific North West! I camped and hiked in Yosemite, drank from mountain springs, trekked up a volcano, and explored new superfoods with my friend Kevin in Mount Shasta. I explored the Wanderlust yoga and wellness festival in Lake Tahoe and needless to say there was a lot of driving! On my last night before heading back to San Diego I camped at Mercey Hot Springs where I enjoyed soaking my muscles in mineral baths and got a nice lengthy mobility session in. 

With all that driving, hiking, and workouts,I found these mobility moves to be just the medicine I needed to reboot. Give them go before, during, and after your next road trip and let me know it goes! 

Plank Pose for Core Engagement


Downward Facing Dog: Spinal Extension. Stretch Calves, Hamstrings, Chest, and Shoulders


90/90 for External Hip Rotation


Internal Hip Rotation


Active Straddle for Inner Thighs (Adductors) and Core Stabilization

Hurdler Stretch for Ankles, Quadriceps, Hip Flexors, Chest and Shoulders, and Spine Extension


I create customized fitness, mobility, and nutrition programs for people because we all need different tools and exercises at different times to move and feel our best. 

Where are you all headed this summer? If you need a travel workout/mobility plan for when you are on the go let me know, plus I have tons of recommendations for your healthiest and mindful road trip ever. See a few here.