The strength of your mind determines the quality of your life.

During my first 10 day silent meditation retreat my whole body ached from sitting for so many hours per day. My mind raced a million miles per hour. We weren’t allowed to do formal exercise since it may distract other students from their practice. So instead I would drain the restlessness from my tissues by holding isometric poses likes planks, wall squats, hollow body position, and bridges until every muscle fiber was recruited and my whole body would shake and tremble.

I would keep my face completely relaxed, breathe deeply, and tell myself it was just a sensation and I could overcome it. It definitely helped. I literally shook the restlessness out.

From a physiological standpoint what isometrics do is increase your capacity to handle time under tension. You send afferent information from brain to body and promote neurological changes, increase the ability to recruit more muscle fibers to help you exert more force and strength when you need it. It starts with connection from brain to body. If you don’t form the neural pathways to recruit more fibers for force they aren’t there when you need or want them to be.

But, from a psychological view something very life altering was happening, I was not letting my mind race around out of control like a labradoodle puppy. I was making a conscious decision to be still, feel sensation, and not be overcome by it. Plus, I choosing a healthy outlet through exercise to do it.

There is great value in isometric exercises both physically and mentally. You feel sensation, but you do not react to the sensation. You breathe through it and realize it is just sensation! You’re stronger than you think.

Check out the video below to learn how to “wake up” dormant tissues, build strength, and resilience.

In this video we utilize Sherrington's Law of Irradiation: "A muscle working hard recruits the neighboring muscles, and if they are already part of the action, it amplifies their strength. The neural impulses emitted by the contracting muscle reach other muscles and 'turn them on' as an electric current starts a motor." In this workout we simply use our own bodyweight and awareness to "turn on" muscles that may have gone dormant for improved strength, control, and mobility.

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