Kelly’s Weekly Class Schedule


Alignment based Vinyasa Flow

A grounding, strong, and meditative flow to enhance mobility and alignment in the body, focus the mind, and open the heart to joy and healing through meditation.

Mondays and Fridays 6-7AM

Location: Evolve Yoga & Movement

Prana Yoga Surf

A slow, grounding, and revitalizing yoga flow which includes pranayama (breath control) and mobility training exercises to aid you in your journey of riding the waves of the ocean and life.

Sundays 12-1PM

Location: Evolve Yoga & Movement

Kundalini Flow

Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. This class is a dynamic and spiritually uplifting blend of movement, breath, mantras, and devotional prayer meant to awaken the kundalini at the base of the spine and bring forth vitality and higher levels of consciousness. It strengthens and balances the mind, body, and nervous system.

Mondays 4-5PM

Location: Evolve Yoga & Movement


Beyond Strength

Strength goes far beyond how much weight you can lift or how fast you can run. True strength is the ability to train your body and your mind. This class is a combination of core, resistance, interval, and mind training.

Tuesdays 7:15AM

Location: Equinox La Costa

Ropes & Rowers

A fun, challenging, and team oriented workout consisting of strength training exercises, battle ropes, and intervals on the rower.

Thursdays 5:30PM

Location: Equinox La Costa