Your Health & Wellness is BIG Business


SPeaking & Seminars 

Signature speaking topics include: 

- Igniting the Fire Within: Motivation for a healthy lifestyle and the process of habit change.

- Roots & Alignment: Get grounded, stand tall, and aligned. With awareness and practice you can improve your posture and improve your health. 

- Mobility & The Art of Flow: Release tension, regain lost ranges of motion, and restore balance and dynamic movement for a dynamic life. 

- Core Strength & Will Power: True strength radiates from within. Gain physical strength throughout your entire body through connection to your core and experience mental strength in life. 

- Eat for Energy & Focus: Take the mystery out of healthy eating. Receive the most out of your meals by employing my 4 step system for healthy eating. 

- Mind Over Matter: Explore meditation and mindfulness in the quest for self-mastery



WeLLness Video Programs 

Customized video program to fit your company's/communities wellness needs. Please contact me to learn more. 


Integrating Mindful Movement & Elemental Conditioning into the Workplace

Movement keeps people physically and mentally strong and healthy. I work with businesses and companies on integrating movement into the workplace whether that is in a class format or demos and tutorials for individual practice. Please contact me to learn more.