Habits for Health, Happiness & Success   


A foundational mindfulness course for building healthy habits for a strong and supple body, focused mind, grateful heart, and unlimited energy.  

Ideal for individuals, communities, and businesses looking for vitality, sustainable weight management, fitness, enhanced concentration and productivity, and harmony in body, mind, and spirit. 

How It Works: 

• Receive one habit to practice and action steps daily via email Monday-Friday for three weeks. 

• Order your Daily Tracker for practice and accountability.  

Coaching sessions available to assist you in reaching your goals. Please send me an email for more details. 



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Gather Around The Camp Fire

My name is Kelly Gonzalez. I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 from a small town outside of Annapolis, Maryland where grew up on 18 acres caring for horses, chickens, goats, and spending most of my time outside.

I fell in love with movement and wellbeing at an early age. My parents both worked. We had no cable television, and most days I was left to entertain myself. Like most kids I had a ton of energy. When I wasn’t at the barn I would workout to my Mom’s Buns of Steel tapes. When it came time for lunch, there was a freezer full of hot pockets and Mama Celeste pizzas, but watching that  little frozen block of “food” spin in the microwave just didn’t seem right to me so I started to cook my own food and eat in a way that supported my energy.

By the time I was 16 and could drive I discovered gyms. It felt like a new playground to explore. My first job was working front desk at the local athletic club where I was able to read about fitness. By the time I was 18 I was ready to put that knowledge to work and teach others as a fitness coach.

I went after BIG goals with fierceness, focus, and a ton of fiery passion. That drive carried me to goals like playing D1 lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University, running marathons, teaching myself to swim to become an ocean lifeguard, and becoming a pro bodybuilder! It also impacted my career and brought me out to Los Angeles as a fitness expert for a virtual training website.

I came up against a few roadblocks in LA though. My inner fire began to dwindle. My health declined as a result of pushing myself to look like the picture of fitness. My vision and focus shattered after being the fitness expert I dreamt of becoming wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The final straw was signing a contract for my own travel fitness show. When my lifelong dream did not come true I burnt out.

It felt like a lifetime of learning and practicing failed me, and I felt like the biggest failure of all. In the midst of the inner turmoil I went out on a hike and asked for guidance. The message was loud and clear. I had to start over. I sold all my belongings, put away all the text books, self improvement books, exercise programs and articles I’ve written over the years, and tossed out my old training journals.

I went on a journey that involved living with the bare essentials while living out my car and hiking trails all day to calm my racing mind. I lived on a sailboat for several months and discovered how to restore my weary body and work with the force of creative energy. I discovered how to practice with no attachment to the outcome on my yoga mat and meditation cushion, and traveled to India to learn the greatest lesson of all- how to cultivate the courage to turn pain and struggle into authentic success by remembering who I was.

I started to rebuild my mind, body, and spirit one healthy and mindful habit at a time. I realized how simple it was, yet how complicated my mind likes to try to make it. Everything that was false burned away, but I was left with all that I needed- a strong foundation in the basics.

From a lifetime of studying and practicing living a healthy lifestyle the basics are the the most important thing I can offer you. If your foundation is strong you can go in whatever direction inspires you.

You have a limitless amount of potential and I encourage you to explore it.