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Elemental conditioning uses the principles of functional range conditioning, a research based mobility training system to improve joint health, restore lost ranges of motion, and improve tissue resilience, with elements of yoga asana, calisthenics, and mindfulness practices such as pranayama (breath control), meditation, and gratitude.

The result is a mobile and resilient body, calm and focused mind, and joyful heart.

The 4 Pillars of Elemental Conditioning

  • Movement

  • Mindfulness

  • Nature Connection

  • Community

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Elemental Conditioning classes consist of:

  • Joint Mobility

  • Active mobility training to reclaim and maintain ranges of motion.

  • Core strength

  • Foundational movement patterns such as hinging, hanging, squatting, rotating, and lunging to help you move like a human.

  • Play and teamwork

  • Breath work and meditation

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Aim of Practice:


About Kelly:

Kelly Gonzalez is a functional range conditioning mobility specialist, yoga and meditation teacher, fitness trainer, and outdoor enthusiast with her masters degree in exercise science and health promotion and over a decade of experience in the field of fitness and wellness. 

Elemental Conditioning consists of a combination of practices Kelly learned on her journey of restoring mobility and health after being a competitive athlete for many years and overcoming burnout by getting back to basics, into nature, and re-learning what it really means to move like a human.

Kelly’s mission is to guide you on a journey to free your body and mind, access your true nature, and promote vitality and longevity.

Find us on Instagram @elementalconditioning and scroll down to join the facebook group.

Find us on Instagram @elementalconditioning and scroll down to join the facebook group.


Community Mobility Flow in North County San Diego



Community Mobility Inspired Yoga Class

Location: Moonlight Overlook (south of lifeguard station)

Moonlight State Beach, Encinitas, CA

Donation Based

Join the Meetup here

Private and Small Group Training

Available in home, outdoors, or in studio

In home/outdoors available for North County San Diego and surrounding areas Sundays-Thursdays. Los Angeles (West Side and South Bay) on Friday and Saturdays.

If interested in private or small group training please contact me.

Class Descriptions for Small Group Training


Mobility Flow

This class combines principles of functional range conditioning; joint health, tissue resilience, active range of motion and neuromuscular control with the breath, grace, meditative qualities and flow of yoga.


Mobility 2.0

This class includes all the benefits of mobility flow, but adds in resistance training and calisthenics. Improve strength, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, and reduce your risk of injury. Expect to discover things about your body you never knew before and be ready to sweat, crawl, hang, roll, and laugh with friends.


Supple Surfer

Improve power and stamina in the water. This class focuses on shoulder, spine, hip mobility, foot activation, balance drills, and breath work. Geared towards surfers, but impactful for everyone.


Restorative Movement & Meditation

A combination of yin and restorative yoga postures followed by a guided visualization meditation or yoga nidra to deeply relax the nervous system and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.



Moonlight Beach, Encinitas

Moonlight Overlook south of the lifeguard station.

400 B St, Encinitas, CA 92024


pillarPERFORMANCE Encinitas

1010 South Coast Highway 101 Ste:107

Encinitas, CA 92024