Top Questions to ask when pondering if it's really REAL

Must Answer YES to the questions below: 

Is it made by mother nature? 

Real food comes from the earth not from a factory. Vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, hormone free/antibiotic free meats are all considered real food.

Does it love you back? 

Real food is packed with nutrients that support your body  and build you up while processed foods take a toll on your body and break you down accelerating the aging process. 

Does it have a limited shelf life? 

Canned and boxed items usually contain additives and preservatives; stick to the real stuff even if that means more frequent trips to the grocery store. 

Real food doesn’t HAVE ingredients. Real food IS ingredients.
— Jamie Oliver

Is it readily digestible? 

Our intestines house over 100 trillion microbiome which aid in metabolism, produce various vitamins, aid in digestion, and support immunity and mood. Processed foods disrupt the abundant ecosystem that lives within while real food nourishes it. 

Was it grown or raised without pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones? 

It may look like real food now, but early on in the process it was tampered with in a lab. Know your farmer. Know your butcher. Shop local farmer's markets and always read the labels. 

Does it look a bit imperfect? 

Fruits and vegetables are unique just like people. They come in different sizes and shapes; may be a little bruised and funky looking.