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Food and Feelings

When we transition seasons I often like to gently cleanse as a reset. For the past few days I have been primarily eating kitchari and greens with some fruit as snacks. My digestion feels clear and strong and I feel lighter and more energized. 

Today I am observing how I am craving something fresh and fruity. Physically, I question "Am I thirsty? What nutrients is my body calling out for?" 

But psychologically I question, am I craving fresh and novel experiences? I find myself envisioning crisp cool air, walking streets I have not yet walked before and finding cafes and stores I have not explored. Taking in new sights, sounds, and meeting new people. By going deeper into the craving I realize it's not about food at all. 

It's like when we crave comfort food when we are sad. It's comforting! Sugars give us a quick high followed by a crash making us feel worse than before, but in the moment it feels good. The brain releases the neurotransmitter serotonin and we feel calmer and more relaxed. Our mind has been distracted from the grief and pain. In those times it's important to observe what you feel and not use food as a way to cope. Maybe we don't need the mashed potatoes or a sweet desert, but what we desire is a hug, intimacy, connection, or more being more sweet and loving with ourselves. 

There's something funny that happens when you commit to doing something. The ego will try to derail you from your mission. It will fill your mind with all the things you are lacking and it takes great discernment to be able to see with real eyes what is helping you and what is hindering you. 


The next time you have a craving, drop into your body. Travel deep into your stomach and ask, are you truly hungry?

If you find yourself getting bored with your healthy meals or still hungry after eating inquire where you feel bored in your life/environment/style/relationships/career.

If you find that you normally go for seconds or snack after eating a meal inquire why you don't feel like it is enough food. What does enough mean to you? What does it look like? What does it feel like? 


If we react to every fleeting thought, every cry and desire of the ego we will be left exhausted, unhealthy, and unhappy. To not react is an act of self-discipline, but it's also an act of self-love and commitment.