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Fasting Benefits

The traditional way to eat is to eat 3 meals per day or 4-6 small meals per day to keep blood sugar levels steady for all day energy, but something you may want to consider throwing into the mix is fasting. 

Fasting gives your body and particularly your digestive system a break. Fasting has numerous health benefits including longevity, decrease risks of neurodegenerative diseases, weight management, elevation in consciousness, helps to reset gut health, and aids in detoxification. 

How to fast: 
For all fasts consume only water and 1-3 cups of bone broth or minerals from Himalayan sea salt in your water. 

- Fast for 24-36 hours 1-2x/month. 

- Intermittent fasting: eat in a window of 6-8 hours. For example, all meals consumed between 9AM-5PM or 1PM-8PM.

You can perform intermittent fasting daily or a few times per week depending on your individual needs, goals, and lifestyle. 

- If it resonates with you may want to try a 5 day or even 2 week long fast as Dr. Mattson discusses in the video, but please use your own discretion. 

Please use precaution when fasting. Listen to your body. Fasting is not best for every body. I recommend starting with intermittent fasting for at least 4 days per week for a month then adding in a 24-36 hour water fast once per month.