When I was 18 I was no longer just a student of the gym and physiology. I became a certified trainer. 

Patrick, the training manager sat me down one day to teach me the art of sales and selling sessions and packages. 

He drew a spiral on a blank piece of paper. You see, these outside layers are the bullshit reasons people will give you about why they want to get in shape. He tapped the pen in the center of the spiral. 

"You have to get to here." he said. Sometimes they may breakdown and cry and tell you their life story, sometimes they will be stone face, but if you can get to here you have a client. 

Over the years I have learned that the epicenter is emotion. Emotion is what will drive you to make a decision. It runs deep. Sometimes it's deeply lodged in you and it's like peeling away the layers of an onion to get to it. 

You cannot just want to do things, because you feel as though you should. It cannot be a fleeting desire, a random thought. It must be something you yearn for. It must be linked to something that means the world to you, whether that's your kids and family, calling in a comeback to feel your strength after a tough time, or for a cause you consider to be your life purpose. 

Emotion will drive you. If it's coming from your heart and good intentions; if it's helping you be a better human, let it.