I have always wanted to live in California. When I was an ocean lifeguard on the east coast I dreamt about the California climate and the ability to watch the sun rise and set over the ocean versus bayside. 

I wasn't sure how I was going to make it out there. I was running an in home fitness training business in Maryland and it was really taking off and writing my fitness column in the local paper, the Annapolis Capitol. At that time I was also in training for my first national physique competition as a bodybuilder in the bikini division, and finishing up my Masters degree. I had a lot going on, but I couldn't stop thinking about what life would be like in California.

I would look at the prices of apartments and cost of living and be left depressed and feeling like it was out my league and hopeless. I wrote out a budget of how much money I would need to make each month to even live a decent life in California. 

I was invited out to work at the Arnold Classic, a huge bodybuilding competition in Columbus, Ohio. I was working as a supplement girl and got to see some of the competitors I idolized and even caught glances of the most notorious bodybuilder, the original Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself. 

On the flight home I ended up sitting next to the current Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler's training partner.  We got to talking and he said they were working on a fitness website and needed a female writer to develop content. 

The next thing you know I get a call from the investors and development team and I am boarding a plane for a business meeting in Las Vegas. My wardrobe consisted mostly of workout clothes so I had to go out and shop for business casual attire. The meetings went better than I expected and the next thing you know I am signing a contract to develop content and be compensated with the exact amount per month I had come up with when I was crunching numbers trying to seek a way to make it happen on my own. 

I could work for anywhere and receive my checks in the mail. It was the perfect opportunity to make a move. By the Fall I was living my dream in Hermosa Beach, California. I would walk down to the beach every evening and my eyes would well up with tears as I would watch the sun set over the ocean, just as I had wished to experience when I was sitting on the lifeguard stand back in Fenwick Island, Delaware for all those summers. 

This experience always reminds me that we can try to come up with so many plans and "make it happen," but sometimes the intention is strong enough and things fall into place in the most surprising and wonderful ways.