The other day I stumbled upon Britney Spears' instagram account. I was so impressed by her transformation. It feels like just yesterday she had shaved her head and stopped wearing underwear. 

The girl got her body back in shape, has a show called "pieces of me," in Vegas, and got herself a hunky model boyfriend. 

You go girl! 


We see famous singers and artists go through phases. It's as if each artistic creation, triumph, or downfall brings out a different side of them or a rebirth if you will. 

How tough it must be to live in the spotlight and be watched by millions of people you don't even know. 

Often times people expect these entertainers to live up to their personal ideals and maintain the image they ingrained in their minds eye and when they do anything other than what is expected of them they are hit with judgements.

It's no wonder we see so many stars who have spent most of their life in the spotlight struggle with addiction or depression.

Being under that much pressure may break you before it makes you stronger.

(Okay, this is where I start singing one of Britney's hits, "Stronger than yesterday. Now it's nothing but my way. My loneliness ain't killing me no more. I, I'm stronger."......)

The thing is, we all have different aspects of our personality just waiting to be expressed. It's just where we are, whom we are with, and the circumstances that allow us to feel comfortable enough to express these sides. Another way they come about is when you meet someone new, try something different we may have been afraid to do before, or experience major success or major failure.

Sometimes your own self perception shatters in a million pieces. It is in those moments you break open and pick up a new piece of yourself or collect a piece you maybe overlooked, forgotten about, or subconsciously was waiting for the perfect moment to be discovered.

It's like walking along a beach and collecting sea shells. Each one is unique. It may be slightly cracked, twisted, smooth, glossy, or multi-colored, but nonetheless it is unique and worth saving and sharing with others. 


Here's a Movement and Mindfulness Exercise Combo to Try

Perform 5 sun salutations. 

Perform 10 weighted squats, 10 weighted rows, 10/leg weighted lunges

Perform 1 minute each of leg raises, mountain climbers, jumping jacks

Perform 90/90 glute stretch on each side for 2 minutes focusing on your breath

Sit upright in meditation for 5 minutes

Pause for 1 minute in between each circuit to observe how different forms of movement and different physical challenges bring about different aspects of your personality. How does flowing through sun salutations make you feel versus fast paced mountain climbers? Are there preferences or aversions for any particular type of movement? 

2. Download your free writing page from my website in the shop for free. 

Get a pen and set a timer for 10 minutes. 

Writing Prompt: 

The pieces of me that make me who I am are....