Limit noise and distractions.

See this world is made of particles and fractals.

Shimmering shiny things here and there trying to pull you into their lair.

Stick to your path keep your eyes steady.

Trust your gut. It will tell you when you’re ready.

Choose what is important and what to put to the side.

Only you can decide.

Now, ask your mind to quiet down.

Curl the sides of your mouth up and reverse that frown.

Keep your body strong and spine erect.

Release unnecessary tension, no need to protect.

Slowly breath in and out for a count of 5.

Feel the sensations move up and down your spine.

Some are cool while others are hot like coals burning.

Just be with the sensations, what lessons are you learning?

Sometimes your body, particularly your back may ache.

No one said focusing the mind is a piece of cake.

Be sure you do yoga and strengthening exercises too,

With practice you’ll feel brand new.

In time, focusing the mind will get better, you may encounter moments you feel light as a feather.

Maintain your practice even if it seems like a waste of time.

How valuable it is to release me and mine.

Eventually you’ll be doing other tasks but your mind will remain like an empty flask.

Not disturbing you or trying to rob your inner peace.

For moments at a time the minds fluctuations will cease.