Ever since I was a kid I’ve had this feeling I was meant to do something really BIG one day. I would go after “goals” thinking accomplishing that goal would feed that burning question in my soul.

I remember writing my ideal one mile time on the bathroom mirror when I was thirteen. I had quotes and posters I looked at daily reminding me that life requires hard work, tenacity, and discipline. I didn’t take these messages lightly. They became my world.

How fast could I run from the bus stop to our front door which was about 1.25 miles down a dusty gravel road? How many times could I hit the top left corner of the lacrosse goal perfectly? How many books could I read in one month? How many A+ could I get on my report card? I would set goals and not stop until I got there.

It didn’t feel like work or torture. I really loved it!

The problem was the satisfaction was fleeting. I had to keep pushing the limits and “winning” in order to be happy, because I tied the two together. It was cause and effect. I do this. I get the outcome I want and I’m happy. If I don’t, I’m unhappy. It was a journey of constant peaks and valleys.

The shift came when I realized that my happiness is not tied to an external goal or circumstance. It comes from living in alignment with my higher purpose.

Your higher purpose is bigger than a single outcome like winning a competition or anything that can be destroyed or decay over time. You can have all the greatest worldly things, but if you are out of alignment with your higher purpose and lack meaning in your life you constantly feel an emptiness within.

Your higher purpose supports you like a strong and steady foundation. It makes you light up and come alive. You do it because you love it and no matter what the outcome you’re happy you took the time and energy to allow it to come through you.

It is only when you live in alignment with your higher purpose that you feel truly fulfilled.

It’s important to note that your higher purpose doesn’t have to be your vocation/career. You don’t have to drop everything you’re currently doing to align with your higher purpose, but you do need to find outlets for it; preferably daily. For example, if making art is what fulfills you, you can paint or play music in the evenings after work or on the weekends. If you love to write you can attend writing workshops and even self-publish books. If you can align your higher purpose with your business and earn a living then go for it, but just know it’s not all or nothing. It’s balance.

Get to know yourself and create your life. You will never be happy living someone else’s life.
— Kelly Gonzalez

Reflection Questions to Discover Your Higher Purpose:

  1. What are my core values and beliefs?

  2. What do I do everyday no matter what?

  3. What life experiences have shaped and molded me?

  4. What struggles have I overcome?

  5. What do I love to do?

  6. What do I need to do? And is that really true?

  7. What are my strengths?

  8. What are my weaknesses?

  9. What worldly issues matter most to me?

  10. How can I be service to the whole?

Download a free writing page for free from my shop or write in your Daily Tracker Journal. Head outside or a quiet and serene place to breathe, be, and reflect. Jot down your answers to these questions without overthinking it.

Know that we are constantly evolving and what you consider to be your higher purpose now is subject to change. It may and it may not. It’s different for everyone.

YOU are the big thing- the miraculous instrument and what flows through you as your higher purpose on this planet is your music.

For me, I absolutely love experiencing and sharing personal development, growth, inspirational stories, life lessons, and guiding people on a journey of self-discovery towards health, vitality, fulfillment, and purpose. There’s a variety of ways I do this- from coaching, fitness, movement classes, outdoor adventures, wellness in the workplace, to writing this blog and the heart of practice newsletter. Within the actions lives the core; the higher purpose.

Now, it’s your turn!

Feel free to message me or comment below with what you discover about yourself and your higher purpose today!