At the dentist last week I was left with a very important message with layers of meaning. I was telling the hygienist how I started fasting once per week for 24-36 hours and oil pulling as well. I’ve read how both are great for your oral health.

Sipping on drinks other than water and snacking often means more chances for bacteria in your mouth to feast. Acidic foods and particularly sugar alter the pH balance in your mouth and create an ideal environment for tooth decay and other oral diseases.

Your oral hygiene has a huge impact on your overall health affecting healthy gut microbiome and risk of heart disease. (Source)

“Keep your mouth neutral.” she said.

More alkaline foods like mineral rich vegetables, low sugar fruits, plenty of water, and less snacking help keep you mouth neutral and healthy.

When I think about a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene I can’t help but reflect on my inner self-talk.

Just as it’s important to keep your mouth neutral it’s critical to keep your mind neutral- neither negative or lost in magical thinking.

I think of tartar build up being just as much from negative things I’ve said (mostly to myself) under my breath. My first ah-ha moment of this came in 2017 when I wrote this blog post.

I know my inner critics voice well these days. I see how she likes to pop up during times I’m about to make a step to grow, create, be my most authentic Self, break down barriers, or try something outside of my comfort zone.

You have to pay careful attention to the many different ways your inner critic manipulates you. Sometimes it’s not a thought/voice that says, “who do you think you are? You can’t do that!”

Sometimes it’s a thought that says, “You need more time and preparation. You’re just not ready yet.” Sometimes she may say, “Oh, let’s work on that passion project later, you need to do laundry and clean the counters!”

When I’m not being mindful or physically or mentally tired it’s easy to succumb to that voice.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right…”

But, when I’m empowered and on top of my game taking care of myself on every level by practicing a healthy and mindful lifestyle I can catch her deceptive ways immediately.

I come face to face with her (She hates that by the way. She would rather have me run and follow the fear) and ask “IS THAT TRUE?”

That single question makes her shrivel and shrink!


Of course it’s not true!

The deeper I dig and the more I inquire I discover that it can’t be true, because everything returns to LOVE.

Our thoughts do not define us. They are not real.


It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
— E.E.Cummings

You can listen to the voice that speaks in no words. You can follow the thoughts that feel like a river of joy flowing through you or you can choose to be frozen in fear. That’s how powerful you are!


  1. When you’re doing your oral hygiene, brushing, flossing, rinsing, tongue scraping, etc. morning and night reflect on how you speak to yourself. What stories have you been telling yourself? Ask, “is that true?”

  2. Do a negative self-talk fast. For 24-36 hours be hyper aware of when you speak poorly or have negative thoughts towards yourself or others.

  3. Rewire your inner self-talk with positive affirmations. Say these in the mirror to yourself. It may seem silly, but when you do you are literally re-wiring your subconscious mind! If you’ve been going down a trail of negatives you can re-wire your body and brain to experience positive thoughts through practice.