Elemental Conditioning: Mobility & Movement Training

At an early age I learned how movement has a direct impact on the quality of one’s life. Movement is a powerful tool for empowerment and self-discovery. I have been a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and movement coach for over a decade.

Unfortunately, I find many people get injured in group fitness classes or in activities they love, because:

  1. Programs are set for the general population and are not unique to your skill level, health and exercise history, your body constitution, and goals.

  2. Overuse and repetitive motion.

3 Keys to a High Quality Movement Practice:

  • Specificity to your goals, biomechanics, and lifestyle.

  • Movement variety

  • Progression

Outdoor and In Home Training

If you are located in the North County San Diego or Rancho Santa Fe area I provide onsite training sessions to help you build a strong foundation in the basics, prevent injury, and accomplish your goals.

I specialize in Prehab, training to make your body resilient and prevent injury, mobility training (Functional Range Conditioning), yoga, strength training, functional fitness, and sport specific training (running, cycling, surfing, climbing, hiking, and more).

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