To Learn, Evolve, Share, and Serve. 

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MIndset & MOtivation 

A big goal is achieved by doing the small things well, consistently, and with enthusiasm. My intention is to assist you in igniting the fire within and cultivating intrinsic motivation for a healthy lifestyle.  Discover how to go from a mind on fire to a soul on fire and achieve your most meaningful goals. 

One of my favorite pastimes is to study personal growth. I believe we all have a tremendous amount of potential, but bringing our goals forth requires patience, daily attention, effort, and practice. I look to modern day research in psychology and neuroscience for ways to "be the best you," but at the end of the day you've got to have your heart in it not just your mind. Desire is futile without devotion. 


Movement & Yoga 

The key is to find a movement practice that works for you- addresses your goals, lifestyle, and  weak links, and continues to evolve as you do. 

First, move like a human- make sure your joints move well, compensate for overuse patterns, and put time in for a healthy spine. Be Functional First. 

The body is truly amazing. I have been fascinated with the human body and movement since I was a child and continue to be amazed on a regular basis. Through mindful movement we can unravel past conditioning, see our habits and patterns more clearly, unlock suppressed emotions, and feel what it is to truly BE ALIVE. 

By forming new movement patterns you build new neural pathways in the brain. You get smarter, more proficient, more dynamic, and if your heart's in it for the right reasons you become closer to the ONE in all of us.   


Real Food 

Food is energy. The food you eat becomes the energy you radiate. I believe in eating real food that nourishes your body. You are unique and I don't believe one diet fits all. In general, I focus on 4 main principles: eat real food, eat at the right times to optimize energy, eat intuitively by eating the right foods for your unique composition and lifestyle, and eat mindfully. 

For years I have been a student of various diets and nutrition protocols. I have studied sports nutrition related to a variety of sports and body transformations. I also study Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine approaches to nutrition and food choices based on one's unique composition. 


Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.
— Bruce Lee