Your Health & Wellness is BIG Business

An Experience of Movement and Mindfulness in the Workplace


My intention is to bring health, balance, and harmony to the workplace.

I custom design wellness programs for companies, organizations, and schools. Wellness programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Onsite movement, yoga, and meditation classes

  • Wellness seminars

  • Outdoor excursions and team building events

  • Online challenges and educational material

  • Partnering with other companies to provide services and demos


Creating and implementing a wellness program for JR286 (manufacturing division of Nike) in Torrance, California. The program consisted of weekly fitness and yoga classes, two online global wellness video programs per year, and monthly wellness seminars.

12 week experiential mind body seminar series for ZEFR in Venice, California.

Yoga and meditation for Hulu in Santa Monica.

Fitness Expert Consultant for MegaMace Fitness Productions contracted with


Movement, Yoga, and Meditation in the Workplace

Movement keeps people physically and mentally strong and healthy. I work with businesses and companies on integrating movement and mindfulness into the workplace whether that is in a class format or demos and tutorials for individual practice. Please contact me to learn more. 


Signature experiential seminar topics include: 

• Vitality: Breathwork, deep relaxation, gentle stretching, and meditation

• Igniting the Fire Within: Motivation for a healthy lifestyle. Practices for a productive and well-balanced day.

• Roots & Alignment: Get grounded, stand tall, and aligned. With awareness and practice you can improve your posture and improve your health. 

• Mobility & The Art of Flow: Release tension, regain lost ranges of motion, and restore balance and dynamic movement for a dynamic life. 

• Core Strength & Will Power: True strength radiates from within. Gain physical strength throughout your entire body through connection to your core and experience mental strength in life. 

• Sustenance: Eat for Energy & Focus: Take the mystery out of healthy eating. Receive the most out of your meals by employing my 4 step system for healthy eating. 

• Mind Over Matter: Explore meditation and mindfulness techniques in the quest for self-mastery