Your Health & Wellness is BIG Business

An Experience of Movement and Mindfulness in the Workplace


My intention is to bring health, balance, and harmony to the workplace.

I custom design wellness programs for companies, organizations, and schools. Wellness programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Onsite movement, yoga, and meditation classes

  • Wellness seminars

  • Outdoor excursions and team building events

  • Online challenges and educational material

  • Partnering with other companies to provide services and demos

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Speaking & Seminars

Experiential Wellness & Mindfulness Seminar Series

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Vitality: Healthy habits and practices for longevity, productivity, and life balance.

  • What are the signs and symptoms of burnout?

  • How do we stay in balance?

  • The power of rituals

  • Morning routine for a great day

  • The science of sleep and evening routines for your best night sleep ever.

  • How to rewire your breath for more energy and a calm and alert mind.

Forming New Trails: The Science of habit change and personal transformation

  • The science of change

  • Overcoming limited beliefs and road blocks

  • Daily practice and support

Roots & Alignment: Release tension, improve posture, and exercises for longevity

  • Why is posture so important?

  • The long-term effects of poor posture

  • How to assess and come back into alignment

  • Joint health and mobility

Mobility & The Art of Flow: Restore range of motion and find more flow in life.

  • How does movement affect the brain and enhance learning abilities, focus, and communication?

  • What is mobility training?

  • Why is mobility the foundation for all other forms of exercise and movement?

  • How to move and feel in the flow of life

Sustenance & Sustainability:

  • Real food- why it’s harder to come by than ever before

  • What is sustainability?

  • Climate change and how one’s diet impacts the planet

  • Mindful eating and how to adjust nutritional habits to promote health, longevity, and help the environment

The Ocean of Consciousness: Dive to the depths to rewire your subconscious mind. Learn and practice meditation and mindfulness techniques for self-mastery

  • What is the aim of meditation?

  • Health benefits of meditation and how meditation changes your brain and your life.

  • Responding versus reacting

  • How to get started with a personal practice


Movement & Meditation in the Workplace

Onsite classes available for your business